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WVCTM Recognizes Award Winners

Amy Ritz was recognized as the 2017 Middle School Mathematics Teacher of the Year. She is currently a mathematics teacher at Moundsville Middle School in Marshall County.  A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Amy served in the U.S. Army and then spend time at home with her children.  She then acquired her teaching credentials at Wheeling Jesuit University.  She taught mathematics at West Virginia Northern Community College and John Marshall High School, prior to coming to Moundsville Middle School.  She notes, “As a teacher, I am constantly learning, while encouraging and supporting my students as they learn and apply mathematical concepts. My greatest contribution to education is that I enjoy what I do and truly believe in the potential of those in my classes.”  Amy is also active outside the classroom, serving as a volunteer for both school-related and community-related sports, working concession stands, and soliciting other sources of funding. Among other activities, she has worked at soup kitchens, provided “secret Santa” supplies, participated in river clean-up activities, transported veterans to a VA hospital, and contributed to local animal shelters. She has also conducted numerous mathematics study sessions for high school and middle school students.

Amanda Freeman was recognized as the 2017 Elementary School Mathematics Teacher of the Year.  Lisa is currently a teacher at Kanawha City Elementary School in Kanawha County.  A colleague wrote, “Ms. Freeman provides a positive environment where all students are encouraged to use a variety of strategies when given a math equation or number story. I am in awe of her ability to reach all learners. She really enjoys teaching, and it’s amazing watching students get excited about learning and succeeding. Her love for math, belief in thinking outside the box, and most importantly the way she believes in her students and constantly praises them for their math skills have proven to create a class full of lifelong learners who also share this love for math.”