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2018 WVCTM Awards
Lisa PrichardLisa PrichardLisa Prichard was recognized as the 2018 Elementary School Mathematics Teacher of the Year.  Lisa is currently a fourth-grade teacher at Logan Elementary School in Logan County.  A colleague wrote the following:  “Lisa Prichard is a highly-qualified veteran teacher who devotes countless hours to her fourth grade students. She has high expectations for all students and stays in constant contact with parents to ensure students achieve their highest potential. She frequently gives up lunches, evenings, and weekends to tutoring struggling students. In fact, at the end of each term, she hosts a lock-in for her students to reward them for their behavior and academic achievements.  She is always looking for ways to improve her instruction and resources to offer her students. She is a master teacher who differentiates instruction to support her struggling students AND enriches the instruction for advanced students.” Lisa's desire to think deeply about mathematics as she seeks to develop mathematical ideas in her students is truly an asset to her school and will undoubtedly have far-reaching effects as these students progress through mathematics curriculum.