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2020 WVCTM Teachers of the Year

WVCTM recognized teachers at four programmatic levels as WVCTM 2020 Teachers of the Year (TOY).

West Liberty University teacher Jenna Cook was named the 2020 College/University Mathematics Teacher of the Year.  Comments on her nomination from a colleague include the following: "Mrs. Cook is extraordinary well-liked and well-respected by both her students and her colleagues. Her two primary roles at WLU are teaching and coordinating the general mathematics courses and teaching Math Methods courses to future elementary, middle, and secondary teachers. She works tirelessly in the classroom to give each and every student an opportunity to succeed while simultaneously holding commendably high standards and expectation."                                                                  

High School TOY Jennifer Nail-CookHigh School TOY Jennifer Nail-Cook










Jennifer Nail-Cook, mathematics teacher at Pocahontas County High School, is the 2020 High School Mathematics Teacher of the Year.  Her nomination form stated, "She is completely devoted to giving the best mathematics education to her students.  To hear students speak to intelligently about mathematics in her classroom is simply impressive." Another colleague wrote, "Jennifer is one of those teachers who just keeps getting better at their craft over time."  A former student said, "Mrs. Nail-Cook is one of the most driven, inspiring, and compassionate people I know.  I feel like I could go to her with anything."

Heather Yoho, mathematics teacher at Mannington Middle School, is the 2020 Middle School Mathematics Teacher of the Year.  She has taught at Mannington Middle School for 12 years and has served as an instructor at SM2 Math Camp for approximately 15 years.  In addition to her exemplary teaching, she works at Fairmont State through its Professional Development School Partnership as a representative on the planning committee for the year-long Residency and Induction Program and the 4+1 Master's Program.  Her nomination form said, "She actively assists [the Fairmont State program] by providing up-to-date and accurate information about mathematics education and offers a practical and informed perspective as a public school professional.  She exemplifies what we hope our teacher candidates aspire to be."

Bryan Hott, a teacher at Eagle Elementary School, is the 2020 Elementary School Mathematics Teacher of the Year.  A colleague wrote, "Mr. Hott works hard to instill math confidence in his students.  He believes that all students are capable of learning and growing in math class and adapts his instruction to meet the needs of his students.  He embodies what every teacher should be and is a dedicated teacher that Berkeley County is lucky to have serving their students."  His principal wrote, "Mr. Hott is one of the most engaging and energetic teachers I've seen.  The way he engages and gets to know his students on a personal level is outstanding."  A student wrote, "Mr. Hott teaches us very well.  He will help us when we get stuck but won't just give us the answer. He makes us think, but I like that."

WVCTM congratulates these outstanding educators on their efforts in improving mathematics for students in West Virginia.