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West Virginia’s math4Life initiative is a comprehensive and intensive statewide effort to improve student mathematics performance throughout the state over the next five years.  The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) is working with counties and schools throughout the state to institute best practices, expand pedagogy, and student engagement strategies to improve students’ mathematics achievement. 

The five year plan emphasizes a system of mathematical improvement.  Using West Virginia’s College- and Career- Readiness Standards to select instructional materials, WV educators are implementing math programs, technology supports, and community engagement practices to promote the county math4life initiative. The WVDE, working with a national advisory team, including Dr. Jason Zimba, Dr. Cathy Seeley, and Dr. Jo Boaler is supporting county efforts with other national experts to support best teaching practices and administrative leadership, with a focus on ALL students.

The following is a synopsis of the plan and how it has been communicated to county chief instructional leaders:

Year 1

  • Data analysis and self-reflection; planning overview
  • Parent/Community involvement/awareness

Year 2

  • Monitoring progress and implementation of math4life content and strategies in schools and classrooms
  • Teacher/Administrator participation in online modules
  • Utilizing instructional coaches to support integration of math4lifecontent and strategies in the classroom
  • Sustainability
  • WVDE
    • PLC Guides
    • Educator Guides
    • Summer Speaker Series
    • Online Professional Learning Opportunities
      • Elementary PK-5 Math Modules
      • Radford University Elementary Modules
      • Algebra I Math Modules (Part I/Part II)
      • Geometry Modules (Part I/Part II)
      • Stanford University Mathematical Mindset’s Jo Boaler Online Course
      • Middle Math Modules
      • Principles to Action Toolkit

The WVDE, through the math4life initiative is providing a myriad of professional learning opportunities, both online and face-to-face, for teachers and administrators. It is the belief of the WVDE that ALL students can achieve high levels of mathematics if provided the appropriate instructional supports. It is the goal of our counties and the WVDE to revolutionize how mathematics is learned and taught in the state of West Virginia. For more information about the WV math4life initiative visit: